February 2020 Successfully Licensed Florida Certified Contractors


Congratulations to all successfully licensed Florida certified contractors in February 2020!

  • Bart Didden, Certified Building Contractor – BRD Builders LLC
  • Ransom Raynor, Certified General Contractor – Florida Decorating Construction, Inc.
  • Bradley Taylor – Taylor Enterprise of Louisiana, LLC
  • Kelli Williams, Certified General Contractor – Wind Clan Construction Company, Inc.
  • Benito Paul, Certified Roofing Contractor – Mr. & Mrs. Shingles & Tile Roofing LLC.
  • Christian Ibanez, Certified Plumbing Contractor – Ibanez Plumbing Inc
  • David McBride, Certified Building Contractor – Elite Construction & Investment Group, LLC
  • Robert Day, Certified General Contractor – American Dredging and Environmental Services LLC
  • Terry Walker, Certified Building Contractor – Walker Family Builders LLC
  • Lucas Jackson, Certified General Contractor – Forte Specialty Contractors, LLC
  • Grant Castilow, Certified General Contractor – Castilow Construction, Inc.
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January 2020 Successfully Licensed Florida Certified Contractors


Congratulations to all successfully licensed Florida certified contractors in January 2020!

  • Michael Thibodeau, Jr., Certified Mechanical Contractor – McNorton Kelly Mechanical, Inc. dba McNorton Mechanical Contractors
  • Pegg Smith, Certified Roofing Contractor – Hansen Roofing Services LLC
  • Kevin Kampen, Certified Plumbing Contractor – Coastal One West LLC
  • Timothy Lanyi, Certified Building Contractor – Fred P Lanyi and Thomas B Miller Inc.
  • George Ford, Jr., Certified Plumbing Contractor – Guardian Plumbing LLC
  • James Firlik, Certified Residential Contractor – The Aluminium Division, LLC
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December 2019 Successfully Licensed Florida Certified Contractors


Congratulations to all successfully licensed Florida certified contractors in December 2019!

  • Charles Earle, Certified General Contractor – Frameworks Services, LLC
  • Sidney Hopkins, Certified Underground Utility and Excavation Contractor – The SmithCo Group Inc.
  • Jennifer Browning, Certified Residential Contractor – J. Browning Designs, LLC
  • Juliana De Azeredo Miranda, Certified General Contractor – Ambiance Miami LLC
  • Charles Earle, Certified Pollutant Storage System Contractor – Frameworks Services, LLC
  • Wilburn Capps, Certified Plumbing Contractor – PowerHouse Home Service LLC dba PowerHouse Electrical Services
  • Leysith Boero, Certified Residential Contractor – BMB Homes, LLC
  • Phil Thompson, Certified General Contractor – Coral Reef General Contracting, LLC
  • Kenneth Martinez, Jr., Certified Roofing Contractor – Ready Nation Contractors, Inc.
  • Daniel Gonzalez-Lauzan, Certified General Contractor – Estrada Home Maintenance, Inc. dba Estrada Roofing
  • Robert Holmes, Jr., Certified Utility and Excavation Contractor – Golf Sculptors International, LLC
  • Ben Hidalgo, Certified Building Contractor – Acadiane’ Renovations LTD. Corp.
  • Kenneth Dorian, Certified Building Contractor – KDOR, LLC dba Express Bathrooms of Naples


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November 2019 Successfully Licensed Florida Certified Contractors


Congratulations to all successfully licensed Florida certified contractors in November 2019!

  • Charles Earle, Certified Plumbing Contractor – Frameworks Services, LLC
  • Charles Earle, Certified Mechanical Contractor – Frameworks Services, LLC
  • Martin Karge, Certified Building Contractor
  • Giovanny Pereyra Jr., Certified Roofing Contractor – Xpert Roofing of South Florida Corp.
  • Michael Morello Jr., Certified Air Conditioning Contractor – Mike Morello, Incorporated
  • Greggory Kneeves, Certified General Contractor – Reef Line Builders LLC
  • Greggory Zawacki, Certified General Contractor – LG Tech LLC dba Lion Group Technologies LLC
  • Timothy Hagan, Certified Air Conditioning Contractor – Tim’s Air We Care, Inc.
  • Stefan Rus, Construction Financial Officer – Rus Interiors & Surfaces Inc
  • Constantin Dumitrescu, Certified General Contractor – Rus Interiors & Surfaces Inc
  • Vincent Daniels, Certified Air Conditioning Contractor – Suprkool LLC
  • Justin Tyner, Certified Plumbing Contractor – Amore Plumbing Company, Inc.
  • William Gore, Certified General Contractor – Loren Jock Trucking, Inc.


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Always Hire a Licensed Contractor


In an effort to save time and money you may be tempted to hire an unlicensed contractor. Don’t make this mistake. Here’s why you should always hire a licensed Florida Contractor.

Lack of Qualifications

Unlicensed Contractors typically lack the experience, qualifications, education and proper insurance associated with a professionally licensed Florida Contractor. This can lead to serious delays and substandard work which can cause you to lose a significant amount of money in the process.


Because they are unlicensed contractors they are not obligated to adhere to the strict building codes as laid out by the DBPR. This can pose serious safety risks.

Homeowner Liability

Often overlooked is the financial risk homeowners make when hiring an unlicensed contractor. While a licensed Florida Contractor must maintain workers’ compensation insurance, an unlicensed contractor does not. This means that in the event of an injury you may be liable.

So give yourself some peace of mind and only hire a licensed Florida Contractor. It is the surest and safest way to successfully complete your next project.

If you are interested in obtaining a Florida Contractors licenses don’t hesitate to contact Contractor Licensing, Inc. We’ll get you approved for a Florida Contractors license quickly and efficiently.



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