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Contractor Licensing, Inc. offers to promptly assist establish a Florida contractor to establish a new business entity. Spare yourself the anxiety of regulatory form submissions and let Contractor Licensing, Inc. set up a new contractor business entity in Florida.

Contractor Licensing, Inc. can assist with company name selection, submitting all entity forms, filing corporation documents, fictitious name registrations, and submit a contractor’s request for issuance of Employer Identification Number (EIN).

Contractor Licensing, Inc. also offers a cost-effective Corporate Book with stock certificates, minutes & by-laws, and a corporate seal.  All regulatory requirements are achieved by Contractor Licensing, Inc.

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Florida Contractor Business Expert David Taber

David Taber is President of Contractor Licensing, Inc. located in Marco Island, Florida. David Taber has assisted hundreds of Florida Contractors to apply for and gain prompt certification of a Florida contractor license.

Over the years, as this business continued to grow, Florida contractors began relying upon David to offer guidance how-best to set up their respective contracting businesses.  Many Florida contractors prefer to have David set up their contracting business rather than deal with the tedious administrative tasks of regulatory forms and form submissions.

In many instances, a Florida contractor checks the wrong box, or uses the wrong form, or fails to submit all required information.  These type of mistakes can end up costing weeks of delay.  David thrives on these type of regulatory challenges. When the contractor retains Contractor Licensing, Inc., the typical turn-around time to complete all regulatory filings takes 2 to 3 days.

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Get your Florida contractor license faster, set up your business faster, and build your brand faster.

Let experts handle regulatory red tape to get your Florida contractor license faster. Let experts assist with new business filings. Let experts build brand, build a world-class, mobile-responsive website and promote you on social media.
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