In an effort to save time and money you may be tempted to hire an unlicensed contractor. Don’t make this mistake. Here’s why you should always hire a licensed Florida Contractor.

Lack of Qualifications

Unlicensed Contractors typically lack the experience, qualifications, education and proper insurance associated with a professionally licensed Florida Contractor. This can lead to serious delays and substandard work which can cause you to lose a significant amount of money in the process.


Because they are unlicensed contractors they are not obligated to adhere to the strict building codes as laid out by the DBPR. This can pose serious safety risks.

Homeowner Liability

Often overlooked is the financial risk homeowners make when hiring an unlicensed contractor. While a licensed Florida Contractor must maintain workers’ compensation insurance, an unlicensed contractor does not. This means that in the event of an injury you may be liable.

So give yourself some peace of mind and only hire a licensed Florida Contractor. It is the surest and safest way to successfully complete your next project.

If you are interested in obtaining a Florida Contractors licenses don’t hesitate to contact Contractor Licensing, Inc. We’ll get you approved for a Florida Contractors license quickly and efficiently.