November 2019 Successfully Licensed Florida Certified Contractors


Congratulations to all successfully licensed Florida certified contractors in November 2019!

  • Charles Earle, Certified Plumbing Contractor – Frameworks Services, LLC
  • Charles Earle, Certified Mechanical Contractor – Frameworks Services, LLC
  • Martin Karge, Certified Building Contractor
  • Giovanny Pereyra Jr., Certified Roofing Contractor – Xpert Roofing of South Florida Corp.
  • Michael Morello Jr., Certified Air Conditioning Contractor – Mike Morello, Incorporated
  • Greggory Kneeves, Certified General Contractor – Reef Line Builders LLC
  • Greggory Zawacki, Certified General Contractor – LG Tech LLC dba Lion Group Technologies LLC
  • Timothy Hagan, Certified Air Conditioning Contractor – Tim’s Air We Care, Inc.
  • Stefan Rus, Construction Financial Officer – Rus Interiors & Surfaces Inc
  • Constantin Dumitrescu, Certified General Contractor – Rus Interiors & Surfaces Inc
  • Vincent Daniels, Certified Air Conditioning Contractor – Suprkool LLC
  • Justin Tyner, Certified Plumbing Contractor – Amore Plumbing Company, Inc.
  • William Gore, Certified General Contractor – Loren Jock Trucking, Inc.