Florida Contractor License Application Abyss



This Florida Contractor License Blog is devoted to a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) applicant.  Fear not, because I will never disclose any specific information about anyone in this blog, rather we can have this conversation based upon general topical information.

The DIY applicant explained to me he was attempting to save a few bucks by preparing and submitting his own Florida Contractor License application. The DIY applicant elaborated, that his ordeal spanned several months, and he described the delay as “regulatory abyss.”

Accordingly, the DIY applicant contends his DIY application was received and eventually reviewed, but he subsequently received a deficiency letter, and a month later a second deficiency letter. The DIY applicant became annoyed, then frustrated by that delay. He did not enjoy being placed on the back burner, as the progress towards approval ground to a halt.

On the one hand, I can appreciate the DIY applicant’s initial thought process, because saving money sounds smart, but on the other hand, a DIY applicant should weigh the potential business risk, because loss of revenue for two months due to submission of a Florida Contractor License application with document error, or otherwise inaccurate, incomplete, or insufficient information holds up approval.

The math teaches us that a DIY application submission can occur based upon the best intentions, but best intentions do not necessarily equate to a profitable ending, and a DIY application can slowly evolve into a costly mistake, month over month indeed.

David Taber, President of Contractor Licensing, Inc.

More about David Taber

David Taber is President of Contractor Licensing, Inc. located in Marco Island, Florida. David is a managerial expert with 40 years of experience growing several successful organizations. David is an expert performing Florida contractor license application submissions and has developed systems to assure a higher degree of accuracy in each application submission, thus leading to a higher degree of application approvals with fewer deficiency delays.

Each applicant seeking a Florida contractor license is entitled to a free consultation with David Taber prior to the applicant submitting any documents or things to the regulators.

Over the course of years, David Taber has assisted hundreds of contractors to achieve their Florida contractor license in a prompt and efficient manner.

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